How to Calculate Rental Value of Your Home

How to Calculate Rental Value of Your Home

Getting an idea of how much your home would rent for is an important step if you want to rent it out. Setting the right rent price will help you find tenants and make sure that your investment gives you a fair return. Follow these steps to figure out how much your house would rent for:

How to Calculate Rental Value of Your Home
How to Calculate Rental Value of Your Home

Research the Local Rental Market:

To find out how much rent is in your area, you should first look into the local rental market. Look for similar rental properties in your area that are currently available or that were just rented out. Online rental platforms, real estate websites, and property management companies in your area can all give you useful information about rental prices.

Think about the size and features of your property:

Compare the size and features of your property to those of other rental properties. Think about things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, amenities (like a backyard or parking), and the property’s overall condition. Rental prices are usually higher for homes with more bedrooms and nice features.

Check the property’s location:

The location is a big part of how much it will rent for. Properties in neighbourhoods that people want to live in and that are close to schools, shopping centres, public transportation, and recreation facilities tend to be in higher demand and can charge higher rents. When figuring out how much your property is worth as a rental, think about how nice and convenient its location is.

Review Trends in the Rental Market:

Keep an eye on how the rental market in your area is changing. Prices for renting can change over time because of things like changes in supply and demand, the economy, and changes in the area. Look for patterns or changes in rental prices based on the time of year to figure out how the market may affect the rental value of your property.

Consult with Local Real Estate Experts:

Talk to local real estate experts, like real estate agents or property managers, who know the area well and can give you advice. They can tell you about market conditions, rental trends, and how much other properties like yours rent for. Their experience and knowledge of the local market can help you figure out a fair price to charge for renting.

Analyse Rental Properties That Are Similar to Yours:

Find rental properties in your area that are similar to yours in size, features, and location. Compare how much they charge to rent to get an idea of how much your property should rent for. Take note of any differences in amenities, condition, or extra services that might explain why the prices of different rentals are different.

Think about costs and profits:

Include things like property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, and fees for property management. Calculate how much you expect to spend each month and make sure that the rental income covers these costs and gives you a good profit.

Adjust for Competition in the Market:

Figure out how competitive your property is in the rental market. If you find that your property isn’t getting any potential renters or is always empty, you may need to change the price. In a competitive market, you might want to offer incentives like a lower first month’s rent or extra services to make your property more appealing.

Be flexible:

You may need to be flexible to find the right rental price. It’s important to find a balance between getting the most money from rent and getting tenants. Price changes may be needed depending on how the market is doing, how much demand there is for your property, and how long it stays empty.


Q: How often should I look at the value of my property as a rental?

A: It’s a good idea to reevaluate the rental value of your property every year or whenever there are big changes in the market. This lets you keep up with the latest trends in the rental market and change the price of the rental to stay competitive.

Q: Can I only use online rental platforms to figure out how much the rent is?

A: Online rental platforms can give you a general idea of rental prices in your area, but it’s best to combine that information with other research methods. Things like the property’s condition, amenities, and location can have a big effect on its rental value. Talking to local real estate experts and looking at similar properties will help you get a more accurate estimate.

Q: What if my property has features or amenities that make it stand out?

A: You can think about raising the price of your rental property if it has unique features or amenities that make it stand out from others on the market. But it’s important to figure out how much people want these features and if they’re willing to pay more for them. Researching the market and talking to experts can help you figure out how much your property should rent for based on its unique features.

Q: What can I do to get good tenants?

A: It’s important to set a competitive rent price if you want to get good tenants. You can also make your property more appealing by keeping it in good shape, giving it nice amenities, and having responsive property management services. Having tenant screenings and background checks done can also help you find tenants who are responsible and reliable.

Q: Can I raise the rent in the middle of a lease?

A: Usually, you can’t raise the rent during the term of a lease unless there’s a specific clause in the lease that lets you do so. Most of the time, rent increases are talked about when the lease is up for renewal. It’s important to look at your local landlord-tenant laws and talk to lawyers to find out how rent increases are handled in your area.

Q: What happens if my house is empty for a long time?

A: If your rental property sits empty for a long time, it could mean that the price is too high or that it doesn’t look as appealing as other rentals on the market. Think about reevaluating the rent and making changes if necessary to attract tenants. Tenants can be attracted by incentives like a lower rent for the first few months or the addition of extra services.

Q: Should I hire a property management company to figure out how much I should charge for rent?

A: Hiring a property management company can be helpful, but you don’t have to rely on them to figure out how much the rent should be. Property management companies can help with market analysis, tenant screening, and property maintenance, but it’s best to do your own research and analysis to get a full picture of the rental market.

Q: Is there a way to figure out the value of a rental online?

A: Yes, there are online tools and rental value calculators that can give estimates of rental prices based on things like the location, size, and features of the property. These tools can be a good place to start, but keep in mind that they might not take into account everything that makes your property unique. For a more accurate assessment, it’s best to use them along with other types of research.

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